A Breakfast Speaker Series for Men

Kelly Jameson

Home for the Holidays: A Parent's Survival Guide

Preparing for the holidays is a joyous time for parents, but can also be packaged in stress if you have a loved one struggling with a mental health issue.

What's your role as Dad during this time off? Why can't they just be happy during the holidays? How do you mandate family time?

Join us for a light breakfast followed by guest speaker Dr. Kelly Jameson who will break down the common conflicts that arise during these few weeks of family togetherness and help you side-step the drama.

To attend the next Dad2Dad, RSVP or call the Foundation at 972.744.9790There is no fee to attend.

About Dad2Dad

Dad2Dad is designed for men who have a personal stake in the mental health of a young person. Our quarterly breakfast series features compelling guest speakers on important and timely topics related to mental health and emotional well-being.

There’s a lot of stigma associated with mental health in our community and we hope to encourage our guests to be open and receptive to the topic of mental health and be willing to engage in dialogue around the issue.