You are not alone.

Living through mental health challenges is hard. Whether you’re going through struggles yourself or supporting a friend or loved one, we are here to help! In this section, you can find resources to help you or a friend navigate through tough times.


Teen Talk is a youth health education program. They provide services for youth from a harm reduction, prevention education perspective. Teen Talk’s focus is on sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity and anti-violence issues. They adhere to the belief that by providing youth with accurate, non-judgmental information they can make healthier decisions and choices for themselves!

JED is a nonprofit that exists to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. The organization partners with high schools and colleges to strengthen their mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention programs and systems. JED is equipping teens and young adults with the skills and knowledge to help themselves and each other. They encourage community awareness, understanding and action for young adult mental health.

Be Vocal : Speak Up for Mental Health is an initiative encouraging people across America to use their voice in support of mental health. Be Vocal aims to empower adults living with mental health conditions to speak up when talking with their professional support team and to speak up as a community to advance mental health in America.

Half of Us, a partnership between mtvU and The Jed Foundation, aims to initiate a public dialogue to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help. The impact of mental illness is so devastating that suicide is the third leading cause of death among all people ages 15-24. The good news is that nearly all mental health issues can be improved with proper treatment. When we decrease the stigma around mental health and encourage help-seeking, we can change and save lives.

Foundry offers young people ages 12 to 24 health and wellness resources, services, and supports-online and through integrated service centers in seven communities across British Colombia, Canada. Foundry brings health and social services together in a single place to make it easier for young people to find care, connection, and support.


This is Normal: A Podcast About Youth Mental Health is a podcast where young people talk about their own mental health challenges and how they got through them. When we share our stories, we can all feel a little less alone.



MindShift is one of the best mental health apps designed specifically for teens and young adults with anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxious feelings, MindShift stresses the importance of changing how you think about anxiety. Think of this app as the cheerleader in your pocket, encouraging you to take charge of your life, ride out intense emotions, and face challenging situations. iOS | Android

SuperBetter is a game focusing on increasing resilience and the ability to remain strong, optimistic, and motivated when presented with challenging obstacles in life. A study by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that when people played SuperBetter for 30 days, their mood improved, anxiety and depression symptoms decreased, and self-belief increased. The app will help you adopt new habits, improve your skills, strengthen relationships, complete meaningful projects, and achieve lifelong dreams. iOS | Android  

MY3 is aimed at those experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts. MY3 asks you to choose three close contacts that you feel comfortable reaching out to when you’re down and keeps you connected to this core network. This best part of this app is that it helps you create your own safety plan asking you to think through and list your own warning signs, coping strategies and support network, so that you can easily act when you recognize your warning signs. iOS | Android

Rise Up + Recover is a great app for anyone recovering from an eating disorder and wanting to develop a more positive body image. It not only allows you to track your meals and how you feel when you eat them, but you can also transcribe your progress into a PDF printout. Pull up the Rise + Recover app on your mobile when you feel the urge to binge or skip a meal and need quick coping strategies. iOS | Android

Calm was named by Apple as the 2017 iPhone App of the Year and is becoming regarded as one of the best mental health apps available. Calm provides people experiencing stress and anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music. This app is truly universal; whether you’ve never tried meditation before or regularly practice, you’ll find the perfect program for you. iOS | Android

Stop, Breath, and Think helps you check-in with your emotions to receive daily meditation and mindfulness recommendations tuned to how you feel. This calming meditation app is uniquely designed to help you stay mindful, de-stress, sleep better, and build the emotional strength and confidence to handle life’s ups and downs. iOS | Android

Insight Timer is the largest free library of guided meditations with more than 20,000 titles available. iOS | Android

Jour is a private and portable journaling app for teens and adults. At its core, it is an app that seeks to improve mental health. There are daily reflection prompts as well as themed guided “Journeys” which include self-affirmations, dreams, travel, future goals, positivity, and more. For those who are already comfortable with journaling, there's also an open journal space. iOS

Daylio can help answer the question — is your life in balance? Daylio is an easy to use mobile app that allows you to track your moods and daily activities without writing down a single line. With regular use (as little as 5 days) you’ll start getting feedback reports that reveal trends which can help you identify the connection between what activities you do when you feel great and what’s happening in your life when you have bad days. iOS | Android


My Personal Stress Plan
Building a stress plan can help you think realistically about the problem at hand. That way, you can figure out what’s stressing you out. And understand there is no stress management strategy more powerful than reaching out for support from others.

How to Save a Life
When asked who they would turn to if they were in emotional distress, most young people say they would reach out to a friend. The fact is, most people who are thinking of suicide don’t really want to die. They just need someone to lead them toward a better solution. Are you prepared to recognize a friend in need and steer him toward help?

Know the Signs
Depression is a serious but treatable condition. If you’re a teen or young adult and think that you may be suffering from depression, this brochure can help.

Get Help Now

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24/7.

Trained counselors are committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

1.800.273.8255 | LEARN MORE

Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7 texting service for those in crisis. Every texter is connected with a crisis counselor, a real-life human being trained to bring texters from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening and collaborative problem solving. The text line is available from anywhere in the U.S.

Text HOME to 712712 | LEARN MORE