We all have a role to play.


It’s important for adults to be aware of mental health challenges that can affect adolescents, including common conditions and symptoms. By promoting mental wellness in young people, the adults in their lives help provide them with building blocks for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

We can all play a role in keeping young people healthy and safe—including parents, caregivers, and family members, as well as teachers, faith leaders, mental health providers, and others who interact with adolescents. Whether at home, school, or in a community setting, we all can help.

Together, let’s save lives.

Teen Mental Health Resources

Resources For Young people

It’s helpful to know how to recognize common signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. This section for teens and young adults provides resources and information to help you understand your own mental health and know how to find help for yourself or a friend.


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Resources For Parents

Parents and caregivers play vital roles in adolescent mental wellness and suicide prevention. They are in a prime position to provide support for an adolescent with a mental health condition or experiencing a suicidal crisis, encourage them to seek treatment, and help keep them safe. This section for parents provides mental health resources and information to guide and educate those who live with teens.

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Resources For Educators

Teachers, counselors, coaches, and other school personnel who interact with students on a daily basis play an important role in keeping them safe. They’re often the first to notice signs of mental health issues in students. This section for educators offers information and resources to help guide them with useful information and resources.


Suicide Prevention

Adolescence is a time of change, when young people may experience stress from many sources, including relationships with friends and family members or problems at school. As children grow into teenagers, it becomes more challenging for adults to know what they’re thinking and feeling. This section for suicide prevention will help guide you with useful information and resources to understand what can put adolescents at risk for suicide.

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Here for texas

Here For Texas offers two free community tools to help North Texans find mental health and addiction information and resources. HereForTexas.com is a website with a searchable database of North Texas providers, designed to help you make informed decisions about mental health care. The Here For Texas Mental Health Navigation Line is a helpline that offers you personal assistance with finding providers and resources that match your needs.


coffee days

Coffee Days is a free monthly peer support group for mothers of young people with emotional or mental health challenges. Women often come into the group feeling frustrated and alone in the fight for the health of their child and leave feeling supported, encouraged, and armed with new information and resources for mental health.

Dad2Dad Breakfast Speaker Series

dad2dad breakfast speaker series

Dad2Dad is designed for men who have a personal stake in the mental health of a young person. Our quarterly breakfast series features compelling guest speakers on important and timely topics related to mental health and emotional well-being.