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Bring a comprehensive mental health strategy to your schools and community.

Thrive is a comprehensive strategy developed by Grant Halliburton Foundation for mental, social, and emotional health in schools. In addition to the Foundation, Thrive partners include The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, The UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth, Okay to Say, and Hope Squad.

Working with these mental health partners, Thrive incorporates evidence-based best practices, forming integrated layers of programs targeted to three critical audiences: students, faculty/staff, and parents. Programs are implemented through classroom education, extracurricular activities, peer-based programs, community-wide awareness campaigns, teacher/adult training, and speaker series and seminars.

Talking about mental health is crucial to raising awareness and eliminating stigma. Yet, it’s only a small part of a larger picture. We have to change the culture within the schools and the community, and that calls for a holistic strategy that elevates the commitment to mental, social, and emotional health in the everyday school environment.

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The first step to changing the culture is to create awareness through reliable fact-sharing, candid conversation, and accessible resources. In collaboration with Okay to Say, Thrive utilizes posters, flyers, social media, community events, and other avenues of communication to change perceptions around mental health.  



Through presentations by Grant Halliburton Foundation and other partners, we empower students to become advocates for their own mental, social, and emotional health by educating them on topics such as resilience, stress management, and brain health. Research shows that children who are mentally and emotionally healthy are not only better students but also more competent in their abilities and more confident in who they are.

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In addition to student education, Thrive partners also offer presentations and trainings for adults throughout the community. When adults have a better understanding of mental health, they’re able to provide a supportive, encouraging environment where students can thrive.



Research shows that most adolescents experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts confide in a friend rather than an adult. Through Hope Squad’s peer-to-peer training, students learn to watch for at-risk peers, provide friendship, identify warning signs, and seek help from adults.  



Through collaboration with The UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth, researchers will collect and analyze data to provide important information about student mental health, leading to enhancement and expansion of the Thrive strategy. Through data collection and ongoing self-reporting, Thrive will be able to track students’ general well-being and progress toward a balanced, healthy life. 

With Thrive, we hope students will become more mindful, engaged, and self-aware. It’s been proven that children who are mentally and emotionally healthy become better students. They are more confident in who they are and more competent in their abilities.

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