Today is World Mental Health Day

Every year, World Mental Health Day is observed to help raise awareness and encourage open conversations around mental health.

Did you know that one in five young people has a diagnosable mental illness? And one in four has symptoms of depression.

Sometimes we forget that the brain is an organ of the body, like the heart, stomach, or lungs. And when something goes wrong with the heart, stomach, or lungs, we go to the doctor. The same should be true for mental health issues.

Here are three steps to promote your mental health.

1. Get Educated
Learn to recognize common signs and symptoms of mental health conditions.

2. Find a mental health provider
Visit for a searchable database of North Texas providers, designed to help you find appropriate mental health care.

3. Call 972-525-8181
The Here For Texas Mental Health Navigation Line is a free helpline offering personal assistance with finding providers and resources that match your needs.